New York Child Support

In New York, the legislation requires each parent of a kid to financially take care of this child even if the parents are no longer residing together or they’ve filed for divorce.

If you aren’t intending to divorce but no longer want to live as a couple, it’s best to protect your rights with a separation agreement that clearly demonstrates child support duties. If your divorce involves no disputes concerning this issue along with the non-custodial parent is prepared to pay per the guidelines of this law, then you might go with your uncontested divorce.

Factors that determine child support

  • The best interests of the child
  • Income & living expenses of each parent
  • The child’s financial needs
  • The child’s relationship with each parent
  • The stability of each home environment (mother and father)
  • Each parent’s time availability

In case you have kids, then child care is among the most essential regions of New York law.

Factors which determine child care

Child support doesn’t only appear in cases of divorce, but may be agreed upon by the spouses beyond the court, such as in the case of uncontested divorces. To be able to apply for child support, a parent must submit an official application to request it in which time another parent is going to be served with the summons so as to lawfully determine how much aid they’re responsible to pay for. Again, uncontested divorces are for the purpose of preventing the courtroom, and that’s the reason with the aid of a New York child support lawyer, child care specifications could be attained outside of court.

In New York, child care depends upon the principles of the Child Support Standards Act (CSSA), and is made up of 2 chief components: basic child care and”add-ons.” This percentage is set by the number of kids that need financial aid.

Presently, the child support percentage is fixed in:

  • 17 percent of their combined income for a kid
  • 25 percent of their joint income for two kids
  • 29 percent of their combined income for 3 kids
  • 31 percent of their combined income for four kids
  • No less than 35 percent for 5 children or more


The child support obligation that’s subsequently determined could be divided between the parents according to their participation to the”combined parental income” If your income constitutes 30 percent of the joint income, then the other partner will be liable for paying another 70 percent of their child support responsibility. Payments are made from the non-custodial parent into the custodial parent.

Imagine if the other parent won’t pay child support?

In case your ex-spouse fails to pay support as dictated by a court order or divorce judgment, a skilled attorney in New York will help with child support legal actions. If conditions change, like a material increase or reduce earnings, either party can request modifications to encourage. All the very same rules apply concerning child care when a same-sex union ends.

What If I lost my job

If your child aid agreement is no longer reasonable, possibly as you’ve fallen sick, lost your job, or undergone a dramatic reduction in income, you have the choice to ask a modification in the courtroom. But it’s very important to understand that you cannot request the court to get a reduction only because you’re having trouble making your payments every month. You ought to have the ability to prove that a considerable and lasting change has influenced the ability to pay child care.

Could I seek child support if we were not married?

Both parents, irrespective of whether they were married, need to supply financial aid for their own child. This usually means that you’d still be able to seek child support from another parent in case you’ve got primary custody of their child. Though, unwed mothers might have to establish paternity first. So as to accomplish this, you might have to induce the father to have a DNA test. On precisely the exact same note, fathers may also decide to have a paternity test should they want to exercise their visitation or custody rights.

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